Caregiver Spotlight

When did you start with Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home care, and why?

I have been with SHS since 2010. Back then I was cleaning houses and struggling to find work and saw an ad for a caregiver in the paper and applied. I have been a caregiver my whole life, starting when I was young working as a caregiver in a children’s home.


What do you do to help seniors?

The gentleman I care for now needs mobility assistance. When I arrive, I help him out of his chair and get him ready for the day. Then I prepare his breakfast and give him his medicine. I help him in the shower and make him lunch.

What is a typical visit like?

I always have a routine to go through. It usually includes giving medication and preparing meals.

What have you learned working as a caregiver?

The importance of loving and helping your neighbors. I learned this at a young age when I helped my bedridden neighbor. Many of the seniors I have cared for over the years have treated me like their family and loving and helping them has been very special.

What are some of your fondest memories of caregiving?

There are so many, it is hard to pick one. They have all made an impact on my life. Each senior is special, and they have each touched my heart. It makes me emotional to talk about it because it is hard to lose them.

How do you care for someone with memory problems?

You cannot lose your temper. I work with a senior with Sundowners Syndrome. Every day at 5 pm he tells me that someone is in the house, and I reassure him that no one else is here. I guide him towards thinking about something else.

What would you like to share with other caregivers and potential clients?

If you are looking for a caregiving agency, you need to do your research. Each agency is different, and you need to find one that you find trustworthy and dependable. It is important to have a good relationship with the caregiver.

Caregivers need to have compassion for the seniors they work with and their families. You will get to know their entire family as you work with them, and the family depends on you to care for their loved ones.