Sylvia Ignasik enjoys spending time with caregiver Susan Duelley. When did you start with Seniors Helping Seniors® In-Home Care, and Why?

I started in 2018.  I live down the road from the Seniors Helping Seniors office on Butternut Ridge in Elyria and saw their sign. I worked as an LPN for 45 years and wanted to help people again as a caregiver as I did as a nurse.

How Do You Help Seniors?

Several of my seniors like to shower while I am with them.  It makes them feel more comfortable taking a bath when I am there.  I help Elizabeth in her home twice a week and she loves for me to do her hair. Another senior I care for, Sylvia, likes for me to help her decorate her house.  Her husband was sick for many years and she could not do anything with her house, so now she enjoys painting and decorating. We have such fun together.

What is a Typical Visit Like?

I always start my visit by checking in with the senior to see if anything exciting has happened since my last visit. Elizabeth will always tell me how much she has been waiting for me to get there so she could tell me what has happened.

Tell us About a Special Senior You Have Worked With.

Elizabeth is 100 years old and such a joy to work for.  She has so much knowledge and is doing very well for her age. She appreciates what I do for her and she tells me so all the time. Sitting and talking to her is very important because she can feel alone.  We talk about the problems in the world, and I enjoy hearing her opinions on things.

What Have You Learned Working with Seniors?

Susan Duelley is the caregiver for Elizabeth Husting.

Things may not get done the way I want them done.  The seniors want to keep control of things in their homes.  It is crucial to talk to them and listen to what they want you to do. Patience is essential and sitting and talking to them might be the most important thing to them. I learned to slow down and do things on their time.

What Are Some of Your Fondest Memories of Caregiving?

Helping to get someone through the last part of their journey makes me feel good.  The seniors bring me joy and I learn from their wisdom. I have had lots of laughs with the seniors I care for.

How Do You Care for Someone with Memory Problems?

Write down the things they need to remember and always leave the note in the same place so they can find it.

What Would You Like to Share with Other Caregivers and Potential Clients?

Seniors receiving care might not like the first caregiver that comes to their house.  It can take time to find the right caregiver that will bond and connect with them.  Make sure the caregiver understands what the family expects of them. And it is important the caregiver listens to the senior and does what they want them to do.

If you or a loved one need help in the home, or if you have a heart to help seniors, please call or text Janet at 440-935-3848.

You can also find information on Seniors Helping Seniors® senior care services at

Special thanks to Sylvia Ignasik (pictured on top) and Elizabeth Hustey (pictured on bottom) who have been receiving care from Seniors Helping Seniors since 2018.