Transportation Assistance Helps You Age in Place

The “ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level" is what the Center for Disease Control defines as “Aging In Place”. Being able to go to the hairdresser, to the vets, and for a routine health and wellness visit affect a person’s ability to age in place. As a companion or caregiver to a loved one there comes a point when you cannot make every appointment and you need to evaluate what you can and cannot do.

Investigate communseniorcarhelpity organizations and the types of transportation assistance they may provide. Some offer low cost transportation help but with limited schedules and routes.  Others may only offer pick up and drop off service within a specific time of day.

Carol Bradley Bursack of suggests looking into in-home care agencies that can be hired for appointment assistance. The care givers with local organizations like Seniors Helping Seniors bring a personal touch to help you or your loved one get ready for the appointment. But more than that, these helpers will be a companion in the waiting area, run to the pharmacy or other stores afterward, bring your purchases inside and put them away if needed, and make sure you are comfortably home and settled before leaving.

No one wants to feel trapped in their own homes, or send their loved one to an appointment feeling confused and alone. Plan the next trip to the hairdresser or the doctor’s office with assistance from the Office on Aging at 440-647-3780, or by calling your local Seniors Helping Seniors® In-Home Services at 440-935-3848 or 855-747-6446.