Avoid Falls and Stay Safe At Home

Avoid Falls and Stay Safe At Home

“Falling is scary no matter what, but falling at home, the place you feel most safe and secure, can be devastating mentally and physically,” states Janet Callaway, co-owner of Seniors Helping Seniors® in Lorain County.

Many older adults who fall do not tell their loved ones or doctor about the fall or develop a fear of falling again, limiting their interactions with others and decreasing their mobility and physical fitness. The US Center for Disease Control states that “1 out of 3 people 65 and over has a serious fall every year, and those 75 and older who fall are more likely to be admitted to a long-term care facility.”

In recognition of June being National Home Safety Month, take a few moments to evaluate your home and your lifestyle choices and consider where you may need to make some modifications. Here are 10 no cost and low-cost safety tips to consider:

  1. Wear sturdy shoes in your home rather than slippers or going barefoot.
  2. Remove clutter from entrances, eating areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, and around furniture.
  3. Clean out the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry and toss expired food products.
  4. Place everyday items on lower, easier-to-reach shelves.
  5. Rearrange furniture or get rid of some pieces to prevent tripping hazards and to open up walking paths.
  6. Review medications with your doctor or pharmacist for possible adverse interactions and side effects such as dizziness or drowsiness.
  7. Have your eyes checked at least once a year and update your prescription lenses as needed.
  8. Avoid using throw rugs, mats, and small area rugs that are not securely fastened to the ground.
  9. Choose brighter light bulbs and use nightlights throughout the home that are motion activated and automatically turn on when it gets dark.
  10. Keep a flashlight on the nightstand in the event you need to get up in the middle of the night.

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Your local Seniors Helping Seniors® organization can provide affordable in-home assistance in two- and three-hour blocks of time to help you live as safely and independently as possible.

We can provide various services such as medication reminders, housekeeping, mobility assistance, and more to assist you around the house and make sure that you feel heard and respected.

Call or text us at 440-935-3848 to start service or visit www.SeniorCareLorain.com for more information.