Focus on your health this winter!

January is National Staying Healthy Month, and we are working to ensure the community is equipped with the knowledge to stay safe, happy, and healthy throughout the winter and all year long.

Staying healthy throughout the winter can become more difficult as people age, particularly for those living in colder climates, and we’ve seen every year just how challenging the winter months can be for our elderly friends, family, and neighbors. The key to staying healthy throughout the winter is developing the right habits.

The cold weather can take a toll on even healthy bodies, and if you wait until you’re sick to start eating healthy and kicking bad habits like smoking, it’s too late. We work closely with our senior clients and their families to instill good, healthy habits that will promote good health all year round but are particularly critical during the winter.

Some important tips for habits that lead to healthy winters include:

  • Eat high-fiber foods like whole grains, beans, unsalted nuts and seeds, fruits, and dark-colored vegetables.
  • Avoid fried foods and opt instead for broiled, grilled, or boiled options.
  • Drink vitamin D-fortified low-fat/fat-free milk and/or non-dairy soy, almond, or rice milk.
  • Drink lots of fluids throughout the day. Those with bladder control problems should check with their doctors to learn what fluids to drink, how much, and when.
  • Find a safe and low-intensity physical activity to commit to regularly.
  • Stay connected with friends, family, and community.

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