I use Seniors Helping Seniors because they do good work.

— Peggy B.

I would recommend Seniors Helping Seniors. Janet always calls me back immediately. My experience has been wonderful and everyone is very pleasant.

— Barb M.

My caregiver is very kind. We laugh a lot. She is a good companion and we have become friends.

— Judy K.

My father is very please with his caregiver. He couldn't be happier and if dad is happy then I am happy.

— Peter Z.

Seniors Helping Seniors really stepped up to the challenge of providing much-needed care for my mom in her final days. I wanted to keep her at home as long as possible and Seniors Helping Seniors helped me accomplish that for my mom. I promised her I would keep her home as long as I could. When my mom passed the individuals who assisted mom contacted me with their condolences. It seemed personal to them. They have a tough job to do but they do it out of compassion. Thank you to the entire staff for their wonderful service to our family.

— William S.

Thank you for giving our mother two wonderful helpers - Jennifer and Laretha. We will be forever grateful for the special care they gave her. Also, thank you for contributing to Oglala Lakota College. My mother had a special place in her heart for Native Americans. Love, Marsha & Alan

— Alice Mitchell Family

I was exceptionally pleased with the help that Seniors Helping Seniors sent. I had a full knee replacement. The lady was caring, considerate, compassionate, and helpful.  She didn't wait to be asked to take care of my needs. she was always asking what she could do. She filled her time changing bed linen and household chores when not caring for my needs. I would recommend these helpers readily.

— Ed A.

It was a difficult time when I realized my partner needed in-home companionship and care when I could not be home with him.  I'm forever thankful Seniors Helping Seniors was there for us.  There is comfort in having seniors provide care to our loved ones; they are uniquely qualified to understand our needs. They are professional caregivers in every important way; at the same time, they come to feel like friends or family.  Can't say enough good things!

— Jo G.

The management works very hard to provide coverage when caregivers need substitutes, even within an hour of the original worker's start time.  They communicate clearly and respond within the same day to any questions or concerns which is much appreciated!

— Brenda B.

We needed care at various times for my mother this past year in her home.  Janet worked very hard to accommodate our needs and find the perfect caregivers to help my mom.  The caregivers were all wonderful and caring ladies! My mother appreciated someone close to her age to talk with and keep her company.  The caregivers also helped her around the house by doing light housekeeping or running errands for her.  When my mom was in the hospital for a short time, they even called to see how she was doing! I highly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors!

— Charlene R.

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