Our caregiver is an extremely good worker! She is very pleasant.

— Bea C.

We enjoy our caregiver's friendship and work.

— Shirley D.

Our caregiver works hard and does a great job. She is pleasant to talk to.

— Glen L.

We hit gold when you found Michelle for us!

— Carl H.

We are so very thankful to have Pam to help care for my mother.

— Bernice R.

I use Seniors Helping Seniors because they do good work.

— Peggy B.

I would recommend Seniors Helping Seniors. Janet always calls me back immediately. My experience has been wonderful and everyone is very pleasant.

— Barb M.

My caregiver is very kind. We laugh a lot. She is a good companion and we have become friends.

— Judy K.

My father is very please with his caregiver. He couldn't be happier and if dad is happy then I am happy.

— Peter Z.

Seniors Helping Seniors really stepped up to the challenge of providing much-needed care for my mom in her final days. I wanted to keep her at home as long as possible and Seniors Helping Seniors helped me accomplish that for my mom. I promised her I would keep her home as long as I could. When my mom passed the individuals who assisted mom contacted me with their condolences. It seemed personal to them. They have a tough job to do but they do it out of compassion. Thank you to the entire staff for their wonderful service to our family.

— William S.

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